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Smoking is one of the oldest known methods of preserving food, besides drying and salting. 

In addition to the preservating effect the formation of an appetizing golden surface color and spicy aromatic flavor are desired and intended effects.

A suitable professional smoking system and the quality of the used smoking agents are of a prime importance. To achieve the best smoking results it is crucial, that the smoking material is in highest quality. The special smoking agents varying in their particle size depending on the smoking method.

The type of wood used has a significant influence on the desired smoking aroma.

Smoked sausage
Various chip sizes

Safety hazard waste wood

A major safety hazard is often ignored by selecting the smoking agents. Without being noticed, contaminated or moldy smoking agents are often used for the smoking process. Waste wood is still used in the mistaken belief that costs can be saved.

This is irresponsible according todays knowledge. Waste woods may contain toxins, from adhesives, preservatives, or pesticides. Wood chips sourced from sawmills are often contaminated with lubricating oils and contain large quantities of bark.

In addition to the danger that the smoked products will contain high levels of toxic substances, chemical residues in wood waste can have undesired effects on the end product’s smell or taste. Smoking agents that are contaminated with mold will result a sweetish, musty, carbolic taste. Furthermore fungus spores and (aerobic spore-forming) germs are introduced into smoke chamber via smoke and increase end product complaints.

Errors caused by too fine and too moist smoking chips

Other potential sources of errors are smoking chips that are too fine and too moist which produces bluish smoke with an increased tar content, caused by an over-long smoking process at temperatures that are too low. The direct consequence may be smoked goods covered with a thick layer of soot. In addition to other unpleasant side effects, this results in high cleaning and downtime costs for the entire smoking system that in turn significantly impact normal operating procedures and are often not taken into consideration when calculating costs.

Errors Caused by Fluctuating Quality

An important quality-assuring factor in using smoking chips is a uniform high quality of material in order to achieve reproducible results with consistent product- and aroma characteristics.

Stay on the safe side with SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® Quality Smoking Chips

Smoking system

Considering these numerous possible problems it is important to find the right manufacturer and supplier of smoking chips. The German company SPRINGER has worked together with leading smoking system manufacturers to develop a wide range of smoking chips sold under the brand SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE®.

Depending on the smoking system, smoked product and desired smoke intensity, the appropriate smoking chips quality is available. 

SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® products are produced from solid beech trunks sourced from German forests. After shredding, the smoking chips are dried and sterilized at a temperature of 500 °C to have a residual humidity of approx. 13 %  to prevent germs and the formation of mold. Certification and regular inspection of the products by independent testing institutes plus in-house monitoring ensure a consistent, high quality. Correctly used, the smoking chips produce a mild, pleasant smoking which gives products an attractive color and an outstanding aroma.

The fine smoke aromas penetrate the products, and give it the typical highly aromatic, pleasant smoky taste.

Less Weight Loss with SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE®

Smoked meat

Product weight loss during the smoking procedure is an important economic factor. This loss is generally up to about 10 % for cold smoked goods. 

Hot-smoked goods lose up to 15 % of their weight. High-quality SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® smoking chips result in an even smoking process and short smoking times, thus significantly reducing product weight loss during smoking.

The refinement by smoking of sausage, meat, and cheese products remains a key process in the individual product and flavor design. Smoking is crucial to the finished product taste and apperance and thus becomes a decisive competitive factor.

The smoking procedure can be used to reflect regional recipes and consumption habits in product presentation as well as the producer’s own ideas and flavor creations.

SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® allows you to create premium smoked goods. Our smoking agents provide high-quality smoke and giving the products a pleasant taste. SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® is manufactured exclusively from fresh forest beech wood using a proven process. Only this fine, top-quality smoke, guarantees tasty premium smoked goods.

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