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SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® - Quality Smoking Chips

For SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® only forest-fresh, untreated beech wood is used.

The intensive drying procedure at high temperatures is followed by dedusting, to manufacture extremely dry, very low in dust, free-flowing quality smoking chips .

Beech wood
Quality Smoking Chips

Avoid Risks

Well informed consumers nowadays demands reliable food quality. In addition to visual and taste characteristics, critical consumers are increasingly interested in the health aspects of food production.

Without beeing noticed contaminated or moldy smoking agents are often used for the smoking process. Such smoking materials include wood shavings from sawmills and carpenters that may contain toxins from adhesives, preservatives or pesticides or can be contaminated with lubricating oils or fungus spores. Smoking agents from air-dried saw dust or waste wood are not the “state of the art”.

In addition to the danger that the smoked products will contain toxic substances, this can also result in increased numbers of complaints, high cleaning efforts for the entire smoking system that in turn considerably disrupts normal operating procedures and results in unplanned costs.

SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® - Tested, Natural Quality

Stay on the safe side when smoking products! 

Use only tested, natural quality: SPRINGER GOLDEN SMOKE® - smoking chips guarantee economical, healthy and efficient smoking for highest quality requirements.

100% nature smoked
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